I’ve just finished Dan Brown’s most recent novel. It basically has the same ingredients as the previous novels so the plot was predictable. It seemed like I was reading an encyclopedia more than anything, with all those scientific terminologies and art references infused within the dialogues. Sometimes it felt dragging. And it literally dragged the story until Chapter 91. Then the explanation took several more chapters. The church conflict discussed in detail and used to mask the threat of technological advancement was suddenly a non-issue. The royal twist was out of the blue and could have had a story of it’s own. The concept of technology overtaking humanity does make sense — not the book’s presented idea but the more general and logical concept — and is quite foreboding. Winston did give me the chills. The use of conflict between creation and evolution to mask the real threat is bordering on outrageous. However, if only for the quest of whodunit, I still found it a little enjoyable. I do like the idea of hunting for clues and the book took me places I’ve never been. I can just imagine myself looking towards the spires of Sagrada Familia, admiring art inside Guggenheim Museum or sitting aboard a boat in the Danube. Though this maybe the last for me. Robert Langdon conspiracy theories is starting to feel tiresome.