On July 31st, the script book will be released. I have been contemplating for months whether I should buy and read a copy.

The Harry Potter series embodies my childhood hopes and dreams.

The Cursed Child is said to delve into grown up characters and their struggles on the aftermath of the war with Voldemort. True, life is not a fairytale. As an adult, I am unfortunately aware of that fact. I have, after all, been living through life’s ups and downs.

With all the grown up problems, the Harry Potter series is my means of escape. Not an escape from life, but a happy place I run to when I wish to temporarily forget about my problems. It is where I draw strength when I’m feeling down and weak. It is where I draw inspiration when life has sucked you dry. It is where I remember my dreams when I’ve stumbled on hopelessness.

So yes, life after the events may not be perfect. But in the corner of my mind where I can imagine, there is a happy ending and that “all is well.”