I have always disliked people who keeps on whining and complaining. Until I’ve realized that I have become exactly like that these past few months.  I have let despair swallow me up after a few bumps in the road.

So today, I will make a pledge. I will stop whining and complaining and instead, do the following:

1. Stay positive. (And by this, no stress-eating and relying on chocolates.)

2. Smile and Laugh. Laughter has been a rare commodity lately so I need to find ways to see the humor in every bad situation.

3. Love myself. I have been too hard on myself and have been too concerned on other people’s thoughts and expectations.

4. Less expectations, less heartache. Setting a high bar on myself led me to set high expectations on others. I need to fix that perspective. No, that doesn’t mean that I will settle for less but I will try to be more realistic with my expectations.

5. Love what you do. I have stressed over work and career paths, I have forgotten to just enjoy life and go with the flow. Who cares about promotions, progressions and all that? Those are just perks of the job. If I get them, I will be grateful. If not, then maybe it is not meant for me. Going with the flow led me this far. I will entrust my future again in God’s hands.

6. Read, read, read. This is currently in progress and probably the only thing that is keeping me sane. I just need to remain steadfast.

7. Write. I have to admit I’m a bit rusty on this department. I will need to do some polishing and continue my projects.

8. If I find myself slipping back to depression, look back on this day and read above.