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Being a Filipino, patience is a MUST. Especially in obtaining documentary requirements – or proof of identification.

The only valid ID accepted are government issued IDs, of which I have only one which is the Voter’s ID.  Now, I find out, when I checked the requirements for passport renewal, that my Voter’s ID is only considered “supporting documents” and no longer in the list of valid government issued IDs.  They recorded my information, verified my identity, obatined my biometrics and all that during application. Why it can’t be a proof of my identification still confounds me.

So I went to SSS to procure an SSS ID.  I applied last June 23, a month ago. They said that the ID will be delivered in my doorstep in 1 month. Today is July 23. When I called to verify today, the customer service rep informed me that it is still being processed and the estimated time that it will be delivered would be next week via postal mail. The postal service in the Philippines suck big time. It would be a miracle for me to receive it in a month’s time after they have sent it.

So my only other option for a valid ID is my Alumni ID. Thank God I kept it safe all these years! Now, I just need to cross fingers that DFA will not find anything remiss out of it because I have no idea where to obtain the rest.  The list are as follows:

  • Digitized SSS ID – this is already bunked as it is still in process
  • Driver’s License – I don’t have a car nor do I know how to drive
  • GSIS E-card – I’m not a government employee to be entitled to this
  • PRC ID – I’m not a licensed professional
  • IBP ID – I’m not a lawyer
  • OWWA ID – Not an overseas workers as well
  • Digitized BIR ID – BIR itself does not know they have this
  • Senior Citizen’s ID – I still have a long way to go to my 60th birthday

See my dilemma? Out of these, I can only get the first one – in a month or two, which I don’t have.

Now, as for the supporting documents, they require three. Thankfully, I have my Voter’s ID (which, by the way, I was able to claim 5 years after my application for it) to count for one. My SSS E-1 form would be the 2nd one. For the third, I saw three options: NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, or Barangay Clearance.

When I went to the Barangay earlier, they informed me that in order for me to get clearance, I need an NBI Clearance. NBI Clearance has 1 year validity and my last renewal was back in 2010. I can get that, however, it is too late in the day so I would have to do that another time because the queue in NBI takes forever. Unless you’re in the 1st 10 people in line, you better return at another time or else you will spend the whole day just doing that. But I don’t see the point of getting a Barangay Clearance anymore if I can renew my NBI Clearance. National clearance obviously trumps barangay clearance, My other option was Police Clearance. I checked the requirements before going to the Police headquarters. I will need a Barangay clearance to get Police Clearance. Ergo, I cannot get one without getting the other.

I can only sigh. Why is it so difficult to get these documents? If not for long processing time, there’s a long queue, or a lot of requirements. And unfortunately, time is not something I have either. If I have the time, I can process all these regardless of the difficulties. And mind you, this is a passport renewal — meaning they have already confirmed my identity in the past and issued me a passport and I have to do it all over again only with stricter requirements.

And at the end of the day, my country would demand patriotism.