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I remember it clearly back in 2011.  I saw a trailer in ABS-CBN that they will air Heartstrings and I was curious.  So, I decided to watch the series via online streaming before it actually aired.  I actually spent the whole day of December 31st in front of my computer watching it while waiting for New Year’s Eve.  I finished around 11:45 in the evening, 15 minutes away from the New Year celebration.  I don’t think I remember anything about the celebration that day nor did I care.  My find was filled with Jung Yonghwa.  I didn’t know he was from a band. I haven’t seen You’re Beautiful yet at the time, either.  In fact, I was clueless.  I was simply attracted to his voice and I downloaded the OST.  Through research, I found out he was the leader of a band called CNBLUE.

That’s where it started – my fascination with Yonghwa.  Still, I wasn’t into KPOP until a few more months later when I got close to my new bestfriend who introduced the wonderful world of KPOP music to me.  I have been downloading soundtracks that I liked from the Korean dramas I watched before but I was oblivious to other things.  I felt that I could relate to the OSTs but I didn’t know how to deal with other music since I don’ understand the words exactly.

Since then, I listened to all their songs.  I focused on the melody since I don’t know any Korean.  Eventually, it led me to researching lyrics.  My fascination grew and soon I was buying their albums.

Back in October 2011, there were Boices asking Ms Happee Sy of PULP about when she would bring CNBLUE in the Philippines for a concert.  In one of her tweets, she said next year.  When I tweeted asking her when next year, she replied sometime after their new album in January was released.

When it was finally announced on February 2013, I was ecstatic.  Right then and there, I wanted to buy the tickets.  It was a long and winding road waiting for updates and developments but it was all worth the wait.

The day before the concert, I filed for a vacation leave.  I wanted to sleep and not be tired for the concert.  But I think it didn’t serve its purpose.  I was too excited and since the press conference was free and open, and I couldn’t go, I was glued to twitter trying to get as much info and pictures of what is going on and I don’t think I slept a wink.  I felt bad for them because they looked so tired. From the airport, they headed straight for the press conference without a rest.  Despite all that, they were really nice and accommodating to their fans.  I wished I was there to sing Yonghwa a happy birthday as well.  (I did, however, did get to sing him a happy birthday in the concert.)

I was restless the whole day on June 15th.  Finally, the day I have been waiting for arrived.

Yannie and I went to have a haircut first and met with our friend Emily Strange.  By 4:30pm, we were on our way to Smart Araneta Coliseum.  Thankfully, we didn’t forget anything this time – unlike in BigBang’s concert where we left the crown stick and had to come back for it and we were almost late.  It has been raining all week, as well.  However, I believe that luck is on our side.  On that Saturday, the sun was shining brightly, no drop of rain whatsoever.

We had dinner at Mang Inasal when we arrived in Araneta around 6:30 pm.  After that, Yannie and I headed to our seats in the VIP section.

It was a night to remember.  One of the best nights of my life.

Did I have any expectations?  I guess not.  For me, I just wanted to see my bias, Yonghwa, and to hear them play their music live.  It was more than I could ask for.

I wasn’t able to take notes on the setlist. I know they started with Where You Are and it was rock and roll from there hence.  In between sets, they interact with fans and what I truly appreciate from them was that they learned a lot of Tagalog words.  They introduced themselves by saying, “Kamusta?  Kami ay CNBLUE.” And then each member introduced themselves in Tagalog,  “Magandang gabi, ako si…”  It was heartwarming to see that they exerted an effort to connect with their Filipino fans and that endeared them to me more than ever.  I guess one of my favorites would be when Minhyuk said, “Nagugutom na ako.”  He proceeded to say that he wanted to eat lechon.  He also mentioned that he saw our Philippine jeepney and liked it.  He’s just so adorable.  They were energetic on stage and quite honestly, I like their songs live even better.

Jungshin was a surprise to me.  He used to be my least favorite.  Yonghwa is, of course, my bias.  I like Minhyuk next and then Jonghyun.  But now, I will have to re-evaluate.  I think I can place those three in second place equally.  Jungshin is a crowd-pleaser.  I think it is safe to say that within CNBLUE, he is the king of fan service.  He is far from his code name, Untouchable.

I couldn’t see Minhyuk enough as he is at the farthest corner.  It was just too hard to take good pictures of him or videos.  When he flips his drumsticks, though, my heart does flips as well.  And that smile of his is just so heart melting.  When the four of them went to my side and I saw them up close, I had a split second desire to jump on the stage and hug him.

Jonghyun is a badass guitarist.  What he does with his guitar is just awesome.  When he sings, I simply forget who I am.  He is a bit suplado, yes.  But I cannot fault him that.  He’s too gorgeous not to be forgiven.  I also know that he’s a really shy person so it might be both a bit of shyness and a bit of being suplado. But when they bowed to the fans at the end of the concert, I can feel that his bow is the most sincere among the members and I love him for that.  It was so cute watching him arrange the stuff toys thrown on the stage only when he turned his back, there were even more stuff toys.  He looked really surprised at that. I think I captured on one of my videos during the end when he waved to his fans.  Yannie, whose bias is Jonghyun, was just sitting there for the early half of the concert.  She was star struck and just kept on staring at Jonghyun.

Lastly, my Yonghwa.  I think I’m even more in love with him than ever.  He was so energetic.  He rocked the stage.  Whenever he sings or strums his guitar, I am just lost.  During the song, I’m a Loner, he had technical issues with his guitar.  So what he did was leave his guitar and he went through ramps on the side and I got really close to him.  Maybe 3 feet away, more or less.  I tried to take a good picture but this is all I managed. I was too star struck to function properly.

yonghwa close

I felt the air leave my lungs because he is just so handsome.  Even now, I still wonder why I am still alive.  I felt like I went to heaven.  He was dancing around, even saying he’s the best dancer in CNBLUE which made everyone laughed.  Yeah, since it’s your birth month, I’ll give you that.  And let’s keep that a secret between you boys and the Boices.  Araso?

During the encore, the boys spoke in Tagalog.  Minhyuk started saying, in Filipino, that it’s one of the member’s important day and told the fans not to mention his name.  Then Jungshin said that we will sing him a song while Jonghyun finished telling the fans to sing altogether in the count of three, in perfect Tagalong accent. Yonghwa was clueless as to what the members were telling the fans. Thus, even if I were not able to attend the press conference, I was still able to sing him a Happy Birthday.  He was dancing and saying that it was a memorable night for him.  I remembered him saying that it is his birthday next after the special birthday event happened for Jonghyun in Hong Kong.  After the song, he asked the members to translate what they said in Tagalog and it was funny because they looked like experts on translating. Hahaha! Well, I hope he was really happy with the Filipino Boices’ surprise.  I thank Yannie for capturing this on video.  It was just so special.  I will never get tired of watching it over and over again.

Yonghwa also did some beat boxing and he’s really good at it. Except he made one tiny mistake.  He said Singapore instead of Philippines during that spontaneous beat boxing.  I could tell he was so red in the face.  Jungshin was laughing at him.  The fans, including me, told him it’s okay.  It actually made me laugh.  It’s okay, Yongie.  We all make mistakes.  He did make up for it by saying he loves the Philippines several times, even on their twitter update after the concert.

It was really a blast and even now, I still can’t get enough of CNBLUE, especially my bias, Yonghwa.  I will cross my fingers and hope that I could attend another concert someday.  Hmmm… maybe if I have enough money, a trip to South Korea could be in order.

I was so engrossed in the concert I didn’t even notice the time fly by.  I felt it was too short but when I looked at my watch it was more than 2 hours.

Yannie said that Boices are really organized and behaved.  That’s a good thing, right?  I hope our being organized and behaved would bring them back even if in Ms Happee’s tweet she was accosted for allowing us to bring our cameras.

Now, what to do?  Hah! I guess, I will just wait for the next single this coming July.  I can’t wait!  And until we meet again…