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It was an eventful day – April 28th. It was the day that ticket selling for CNBLUE’s Blue Moon Tour in Manila opens at 10am on Ticketnet outlets and online.

I arrived at SM Southmall at 9am to attend mass and go directly to their Ticketnet outlet once done. I was hoping it would be quick and easy. Never thought I would emotionally go through hell for those concert tickets.

After the mass, I immediately went to their customer service area where I used to buy those tickets only to find out that it is no longer sold there. It was now located at their business center at the 3rd floor of the mall. I literally flew all the way there but alas! I wasn’t the first. I fell with customer # 9. So, I waited. And waited. And I hated the wait. It was the longest 2 hours of my life.

Around 10:30, they called customer #3. I was flabergasted. Just the 3rd customer in 30 mins? Even worse, around 10:45, they’re still in the counter. Their system is really slow! I think it even crashed a couple of times. Around 11am, I read tweets that Sections 103 and 101 are sold out. I really wanted to cry. I felt so disappointed. I tried to contain my emotion but deep inside, my heart is in turmoil.

Finally, when it was my turn, around 11:45, there were still some seats left in the VIP section. It’s not the most ideal part of the VIP section but I waited a year for this. I have an option to get better seats in the Patron area but I don’t want to settle for less. Besides, what if there are barricades to separate the two sections? That means I can’t get close to my boys. I would rather get the not-so-ideal seats in the VIP section knowing for sure that I can still manage to get close to them. I really want to see them up close and I want to be able to give Yonghwa a gift — which I have yet to get. I chose Jonghyun’s side because he’s my friend and concert buddy’s bias. My bias, Yonghwa, is at the center and he moves around anyway so I can be positioned anywhere. After choosing our seats, that was the only time I felt I was able to breathe. I was really worried in the beginning that I won’t have any VIP seat left to avail. The front and center sections were sold out in just a few minutes. With early reservations from official Boice members and from provincial fans, I really thought I was going to go home crying. Thank goodness, the side areas were still available and I was willing to take whatever I could get. I still feel that those early reservations were a bit unfair but what the heck. I just remind myself that what is important is that I can support them in anyway I can.

Also, I met fellow Boices like me! I have gained new friends!

Now, I am so excited! I can’t wait to see them in June! Yonghwa, please be true to your promise to smile again. We will always support you and CNBLUE no matter what. That is how much we love you.