OMG! I’ve already preordered the album but I still want this Special Limited Edition. I’ve always regretted not being able to grab a copy of Ear Fun’s Limited Edition and I swore that next time, if ever there would be another Yong Hwa cover, I’d fight tooth and nail for it. This is my chance. Thank goodness! And Yong Hwa even looks more gorgeous in this one!


The special limited-edition copies of CNBLUE’s latest albums will soon hit the market.

FNC Entertainment announced on January 24 that it would be released four versions of limited edition copies of Re:Blue.

The different versions will represent each member and will also contain drawings by the CNBLUE members, as well as a special postcard.

reblue LE

The agency added, “As the album contains each member’s individual colors, we anticipate the reaction from fans will be passionate. As the members not only composed all the tracks of this album but took part in the album’s production, we believe the album’s value will be all the more meaningful.” 

CNBLUE recently returned with Re:Blue led by the single, I’m Sorry.

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