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It was the BEST night of my life.

Along with my two KPOP best buddies, we went to watch the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Manila at the SM Mall of Asia Arena last October 24, 2012.

I started out with curiosity, seeing one of them who wanted to watch the concert but did not want to go by herself. So I decided to listen to their music so that I would not be clueless.  But when I heard Love Song, I didn’t know I would fall so fast, so hard.  You see, I tried to listen to their songs before.  I think it was Fantastic Baby that I initially saw in YouTube.  But it wasn’t my kind of music.  Then again, if you ask me now, I would dance with my heart out to it.

It was a slow conversion and through the months since we bought our tickets, I have immersed myself into their music.

Finally, when the D-Day finally arrived, my heart almost wanted to burst with excitement.  I think I hardly slept a wink a few days before the concert but I’ve never felt so much more alive that day.

When the curtains went down and I saw the tubes that G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang and T.O.P were in and started the concert with Still Alive, Unnie and I were screaming our hearts out.  Heck, I think both of us were screaming the whole entire concert.  Her scream, though, nearly burst my ear drums.

At first, I wanted to capture everything.  I was trying to take pictures and some fancams, but just after the second song, I decided, what the heck! I was sure that there will be a lot of fanpics and fancams from the VIPs and from my friend who was at the VIP section.  I decided that I will enjoy and savor the moment.  I’m not a good multi-tasking fangirl. Haha! My eyes couldn’t leave the stage where they were performing and I just couldn’t wave my crown stick and take pictures or videos without losing my focus.  I could either watch wholeheartedly or film the entire thing.  But that’s just it, I often see them on videos already, I wanted to watch them live, in person, even if I won’t have the fanpics or fancams to preserve the moment altogether.

I was screaming my heart out, singing, dancing, and jumping to the music.  I almost wanted to cry when I heard my favorite Love Song.  I was clutching my crown stick to my chest as they sang Haru Haru.  I was jumping up and down to Number 1, Bad Boy, GD&TOP’s High High.  I was singing along to all of their songs, not caring if I’m pronouncing the Korean words incorrectly. And I was screaming out of my wits when they performed Blue and I finally saw with my own two eyes when GD performed my favorite dance step of his in that song. I was dancing to Fantastic Baby and Lies like crazy and screaming my heart out during their solo performances and when they spoke “Mahal Ko Kayo” in our native language.

They kept saying “Manila, baby” and that Seungri said he loves our country so much and that they promise to return.  I will hold on to the promise and I will wait until whenever.

My friend said that I can’t be a full-pledged VIP if I only like Seungri and G-Dragon.  Well, after the concert, I AM! I still have Seungri and GD on the highest pedestal but I love ALL of them now.

The concert was beyond words.  I wanted to write a detailed fan account, but words delude me.  After the concert, I was just incapable of doing anything.  I couldn’t believe it was over and I’m still in BigBang heaven until now.  I don’t know if I could ever recover.