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Two days before the concert, my friend left her crown stick in my care because she’s going to stay over my place on the day of the BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour Manila since we’re going together.

She was already on leave on October 23rd but since I have few leave credits left, I couldn’t go on leave anymore.  Our plan is that she will arrive at my place in the morning so that we could go to the Mall of Asia early to buy BigBang merchandizes. I especially wanted to buy my own crown stick since I wasn’t able to order online earlier and no supplier can weave magic to get me one on such short notice.  However, she got sick and decided she would arrive later after lunch instead.  I thought maybe it was not meant to be for me to buy a crown stick.

So I got home on the morning of October 24th at around 6 o’clock in the morning and decided to go to sleep so that I would have some energy later that night for the concert.  But a few hours later, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Instead, I started preparing my things – my small backpack, cameras, phone, my pocket wifi, charger and a change of clothes in case something happens to my outfit.  Since someone mentioned that it was cold inside the MOA Arena, I wanted to bring a jacket but it won’t fit into my small backpack anymore.

I brought out my friend’s small bag where her crown stick and bandana were.  But it wouldn’t fit there either.  So I put it back and thought I’ll figure it out later.

I went to prepare myself while waiting for my friend to arrive.  When she arrived, we prepared our things and went to leave for the concert at around 3:30PM.  We wanted to arrive early because we want to eat dinner first.

We rode a bus going to Baclaran.  We were chatting all the way, excited about the concert.  Just as we were almost at our destination did we remember that we forgot something.  We left the crown stick at home!

We decided to go down at Coastal Mall and go back home to retrieve the crown stick. We figured it will take us two hours to go back and forth, we have sufficient time.   But the bus station is on the other side of the highway and will take us another 20 minute walk and we can’t be sure the bus would be there already.  I saw a cab.  In my mind, we’ll take a cab to Zapote and then ride a bus from there so that it would be cheaper.  But the cab driver is greedy and wanted P300 just to get us to Zapote.  No way!

We hailed another taxi who luckily was out of gas so he transferred us to another cab driver who was willing to take us with the meter running.  In the end we ended up contracting him to take us back and forth and we paid a total of P650.  Plus, he offered to pick us up later after the concert which would have been past midnight.

However, all throughout the travel, my heart was pounding.  What if there’s traffic? Will we get there on time?  We still need to buy contact lens and have dinner.  I already let go of the hope of getting a crown stick but now, I may not even get a finger laser or any light stick for that matter.

When we arrived back at home, I sprinted to my house at the 3rd floor to get the crown stick.  I think it didn’t even take us 5 minutes and I was back on the cab to head back to the Mall of Asia.

Thankfully, we arrived at past 6PM.  We got to buy the lens and have dinner.  I wasn’t able to enjoy my dinner because my stomach was having butterflies.  I thought MOA Arena was a bit far to walk and I was worried we won’t make it on time.


Thankfully, it was just around the corner.  And guess what, there were still crown sticks available and I even got to but a BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour shirt!

It was, however, the longest two hours of my life before the concert.  Although, I would have died if it was the concert tickets I forgot.  Thankfully, that was the first thing I placed inside my backpack.