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My first trip to Hong Kong was a huge disappointment.  There were a lot of places we did not get to see and things we did not get to do and enjoy.  Thank goodness that when my Ninang said she’s taking a trip to Hong Kong when she arrives from Italy, she’s taking me along as well.

Finally, I would not have any regrets.   I made sure to include all that I missed in our itinerary.  There is no more time for regrets because I don’t know if I would be able to visit Hong Kong again.

Hong Kong – Day 1

We woke up around 1AM.  Due to my previous experience where our flight was delayed for almost 3 hours, I booked our flights at 5:40AM.  I thought I would never hear the end of their complaints for having to wake up so early and almost without sleep.   But I don’t care.  I wanted to make sure that we maximize the four days that we have.  I think we all slept through the flight.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong International Airport, we had some coffee from Starbucks before heading to our destination – Tita Precy and Tito Obet’s place.  They are my Ninang’s best friends that she hasn’t seen for about 20 years, more or less.

We took the E23 bus from the airport which took us directly to their apartment in Hung Hom.  Then Tito Obet escorted us to Ocean Park.  My previous regret from my last visit is that I did not insist on seeing the panda.  I just love pandas! Firstly, because of my fondness with the movie Kung Fu Panda and second and more importantly, because of baby Seungri.  I even got to buy a panda stuff toy!

This time, I also get to enjoy the aquarium.  Previously, it was just too crowded and it was so hard to take pictures.  Thank goodness that this time, I got to have company who loves taking pictures.  And though there are still a lot of people, it wasn’t too crowded that we had to keep holding on to one another in case lost someone from the group.

Of course, the Dolphin Show! I finally get to watch it this time! My original bias. It was so cool! I wish I could become a mermaid and swim with them.

Lastly, Ocean Park would not be complete without the cable car ride.  It’s still the best experience ever – even if my stomach flips every now and then. We also tried the Ocean Express.  This is the mode of transportation to take if one is scared of heights and could not take the cable car.  However, it’s not as exciting and there is no thrill.  It was still quite fun as it is shaped like a submarine and there’s a screen that makes you feel like you’re underwater.

We left Ocean Park past 7pm and since we were all tired from the flight, we decided to go home and pursue Victoria’s Peak another day.

Hong Kong – Day 2

Our itinerary for this day?  Lantau Island and Victoria’s Peak.  We took two ferry rides – from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and from Hong Kong Island to Lantau.  The ferry ride to Lantau took almost 2 hours then a bus ride to Lantau Peak.  The view was spectacular especially the Shek Pik Reservoir.  You’ll see the huge reservoir and have a double take because it looked like a giant lake on top of the mountain and then down below, you’ll see the ocean.  It was breathtaking! We went to the Po Lin Monastery and climbed the 240 steps to see the 85-foot tall Tian Tan Buddha.  There was a museum inside and in one of the inscriptions, it explained how they were able to construct the giant Buddha.  It was ingenious!


We also walked around the Ngong Ping Village which looked so charming.  We decided not to take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable because we wanted to go to Victoria’s Peak after.  If we’re to go back to Tung Chung and take the bus to Kowloon, we would be so tired to visit there.  Besides, we already rode the cable car in Ocean Park so it was not a big deal anymore.  We went back to the Ferry and ended back in Hong Kong Island.  We left around 4PM so the sunset was so beautiful upon reaching Hong Kong Island.

We almost did not want to go to Victoria’s Peak upon seeing the long queue on the Peak Tram.  Thankfully, we did.  It was quite an experience riding the Tram.  It went up the mountain peak and a vertical position that people standing would have to have a tight grip or else you’ll fall.


Our first stop upon reaching Victoria’s Peak was Madame Tussauds.  One word – Johnny Depp!  Although there were a lot of celebrities and other famous personalities in entertainment, politics, sports and music, my only motivation was Johnny Depp!  I got to hug him!!! It was pure bliss.


Then, we went to the Sky Terrace and finally saw with my two eyes the Hong Kong skyline.  I was breathless! During my last visit, we went to the Avenue of Stars to see the Symphony of Lights.  I must say, the view from the top is 10 times better – despite the long queue that doesn’t seem to have an end.

Finally, I have no regrets.  I wanted to go to these two places the last time and I am more than contented that we finally get to do them.  We got home quite late, tired and exhausted.  But I swear, I slept soundly with a huge smile on my face.

Hong Kong – Macau – Day 3


I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that Macau is overrated.  It was nice but I didn’t enjoy it that much.  Maybe because we only went to The Venetian and we didn’t go elsewhere.

I did enjoy taking pictures and being able to relive Boys Over Flowers.  I saw the bridge where Jan Di saw Jun Pyo after being separated for awhile. The gondola, which is of course a replica of Venice and where Jan Di and Ji Hoo rode. I kept looking for the store where Jan Di saw a shoes she could not afford and Jun Pyo tried to buy for her but alas, I was not able to because I can’t even remember which store it was. Harhar!

I also signed up for membership in the casino and I have an ID with my picture on it.  I also played once, just so I could experience.  I lost HK$18 and won HK$2.  It was fun even if I lost.  Now, at least, I could say I played in the casino at least once in my lifetime.

We went back to Hong Kong just before 5PM and we decided to give ourselves a break.  We went home to Hung Hom and decided to go to the night market in Jordan around 10PM.  I was able to buy 10 “I Love HK” tee-shirts as a gift to my best friends for only HK$200. It was indeed a bargain!

By the way, did I mention that as we were walking in Harbour City, we saw Senator Tito Sotto and his wife Helen Gamboa? Senator Sotto was so guwapo! Even at his age, he looked so handsome still.  He smiled and waved back at us.  We were too star struck that we didn’t even get to ask for a picture with them or at least an autograph. Oh well.

Hong Kong – Day 4

Our last day! We stayed home packing – Tita Precy gave us a lot of jeans, shirts and sweat shirts we didn’t even have to shop except for personal pasalubongs.  Then, we went out for lunch and had some authentic Chinese dishes – we had a food galore of dumplings, siomai, lotus rice cakes, congee and tons of other delicacies.  They called it Yum Cha – a Cantonese style of dining.  The restaurant was amazing! The chandeliers and everything – it looked like we were eating in a hotel.  And also, I get to finally taste that elusive egg tart that I didn’t get to try the last time.  Then, I read somewhere that Lord Stowe’s sells those egg tarts! When I visit MOA next time, I’ll make sure to drop by for some of that.   They did not like it but I do.

Finally, it was time to bid our farewells.  Soon, we were on our way back to the airport.

I hope to visit Korea next time! *cross fingers*