This has been long overdue.  How should I begin to tell this story?  Begin at the beginning, of course.  I can imagine Lewis Carroll saying that.

First, and most important, is that I am going to the BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Manila on October with my two friends – Yannie and Unnie!

There, I said it.

It took awhile for it to sink in.  Even now, the way we actually got our tickets still feels quite surreal. There had been a lot of emotional stress we encountered before we were able to secure our tickets.

You see, I am not yet a full-pledged BigBang fan.  Though, I would not be surprised to wake up one day to find that I am.  (Don’t worry, Unnie.  That does not mean I’m going to take Taeyang or Daesung from you. I’m loyal to Seungri and Jiyong. 🙂 That’s right, at first, I just wanted to go so that Unnie can go.  She does not want to go by herself at first and Yannie, who has been a fan for 3 years, plans to watch from the VIP section come hell or high water.  This has been a long time dream for her.  And due to the lack of budget since the announcement was quite out of the blue, Unnie will have to settle for other sections.  I could sense she really wanted to go so I told her, I would come with her.

Since I am not a BigBang fan, I wanted to listen to their songs to get myself familiarized before the concert.  And Unnie made the mistake of showing me the videos. Shoot! Who was that guy with the cutest eyes?  And suddenly I found myself fangirling over Seungri.  And over Jiyong’s smile, afterwards.

Now, whether Unnie is coming or not, I am going to that concert, no matter what happens!

For weeks, there has been a constant air of tension.  Fans wanted to know when and where the concert will be held.  When that was finally announced, the tickets were now the biggest issue. For us, the biggest problem was when the tickets would be released.  Yannie already have a general idea of how much.  But the timing was also very important.  There was a point in time when we almost (at least me and Unnie) gave up hope.  We didn’t want to go without Yannie.  Somehow, it more fun and fulfilling if it’s the three of us even if we’ll be seated in different sections.  There is nothing like spazzing out with friends.

Aside from that, we’re getting a lot of negative feedback from co-workers who expressed their condescension that we’re throwing away a lot of money.  First of all, it was our hard-earned money.  We did not steal it.  We did not ask them for the money.  How we spend our own money is our concern.  Besides, we did not ask for their opinion.  They can keep it to themselves.  This is what makes us happy.  We’re not stepping on anyone to get our happiness.  And money is supposed to be spent.  It is earned and it is spent.  That’s a continuous cycle.  The memories we’ll have here is priceless.

Finally, they announced that tickets would go on sale on July 21st, Saturday.  Our dilemma was that we won’t have the money until the 24th.  Thankfully, tickets could be reserved for 3 days.  I called SM Tickets a day before to inquire about the reservation process and other details.  At first, I was informed that the tickets will not actually be released on that date but the following week.  I was told that July 21st was just the promoter’s announcement.  Though she assured me, I could not help but feel that she’s either not telling me truthfully or she is misinformed.

I told my two friends and decided that we will wait together on Saturday to be 100% sure.  So, on Saturday morning after our shift, I went straight home.  Yannie will follow after she attends our company Sports Fest event – which I’m ditching since I do need to clean my room before my aunt returns from Italy.  Unnie will also follow after going to the gym.

When I got home, the internet was down.  On Friday night before I went to work, the network was already down so I called Globe and they were unable to help me restore my connection.  A customer service representative even had the gall to hang up on me.  I wanted to call back and complain to a supervisor but I was more concerned about getting my concert tickets.  I immediately sent messages to Unnie and Yannie that I have a network issue and that we should meet at SM Southmall instead to use their free wifi.

We had breakfast at McDonald’s while waiting for the mall to open. I called SM Tickets again to verify since Ms Happee tweeted that the tickets will be sold at exactly 12NN and then later changed to 1PM.  They confirmed then that the ticket booth will open for BigBang tickets at 1PM.  We stayed at McDonald’s for at least 4 hours while we waited.  Around 12NN, we decided to go to the SM Information booth to inquire whether we can reserve in person or if we had to call their hotline to make the reservation.  We were redirected to the SM Movie Ticket booth.  There, we found several VIPs already waiting.

In a way, I was thankful that my network connection was down; otherwise, we might not have been able to secure our tickets.  It would be a miracle to be able to patch through to their hotline.  Even before 1PM, SM Ticket’s system is already crashing.  We were 5th in the line and by 1:30PM, the first person on the booth is not yet even able to secure a ticket.  Not only that, the VIPs were the ones helping the SM representative with their system.  We were all panicking, because every time their site will come up, we see seats being sold.  The line was getting longer and the opportunity is getting slimmer.  Once the person in front of us picked a seat, the system will crash again and when it comes up again, the seat they picked is already sold.  We even saw a lower box section already sold out in a matter of minutes.   Lastly, the representatives had to type our contact information and she types like 1 word per minute.  Good luck to us.  When it was my turn, I asked the representative if I can do the typing instead.

But for some miracle, we were finally able to move on from the first person on the line and it was smooth sailing afterwards.  Yannie got her VIP tickets and Unnie and I got Upper Box tickets.

And right now, I’m immersing myself with the songs they would most likely sing in the concert.  Love Song is my favorite, though.

Yannie and Unnie, it’s 83 days until October 24th! I can’t wait! I’m dying of anticipation!