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I am supposed to be writing a blog about my surreal experience with getting tickets to BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour but I figured, I’ll write about my frustrations about Globe first. I know, this might turn out to be a rant but I can no longer hold it in.  I have to get this out of my system.

I used to have a subscription with SmartBro but my best friend recommended that I switch to Globelines that has internet and landline bundled together.  She said that we can call each other up without having to worry about long distance charges because Globe to Globe will be free.  (She ended up cancelling her subscription even before I did, by the way.)

I was persuaded at the time.  And less than a week into the installation of my new Globelines subscription, I was already regretting it.  There have been constant problems with the landline connection in the beginning.  Then, internet connection issues followed.  It’s either an intermittent connection or no connection at all.  Especially during the rainy season.  As soon as it rains, expect your connection to go down.

Then, you call their customer service people.  It’s already frustrating experiencing downtime not only with your connection but they have to add aggravating customer service. I don’t know why Filipino customer service to their fellow countrymen is so bad when we can give excellent customer service when we work in foreign companies and speaking to foreign clients. I know that I am not perfect and I lose my patience a lot and tend to raise my voice.  But do they have to be rude and raise a higher voice than mine?  Yes, Globe provides better products but their customer service is a huge FAIL.

Last Sunday, when I got home from the mall, there was no internet connection.  I called them up and we did some troubleshooting.  The rep told me to turn off the modem for about 10 seconds and turn it back on. I told him I’ve done this like 10 times already before calling but I’ll do it anyway.  When that obviously did not work, he asked me to open my Internet Explorer and go to which is my modem’s IP address.  We logged into my modem’s GUI and clicked on connect.  The disconnect button is grayed out by the way.  Meaning, it is connected to the modem.  This, by the way, is a stupid troubleshooting step.  Prior to the call, I went to the command prompt and tried to ping my modem.  Having worked as a technical support representative, I am not unaware of the basic troubleshooting steps.  But I went along anyway.  He asked me to re-enter my username and password on the GUI and click connect again.  Obviously, nothing happens.  After that, he told me those are the only troubleshooting steps and since none of it really worked, he’s going to send a job order request to have a technician come over and check my connection.  Another way of Globe insulting my intelligence.  Why? The power light, ADSL, and LAN are all green.  The Internet light is red. In that case, there is no problem on my end, right?  But that does not end there, when I explained my concern that a technician will take ages, he said that I will receive a call before the technician visits. It does not address my concern.  He evaded my question.  So I went straight to the point.  I asked when will I expect the technician to arrive.  Same answer.  Seriously! All I needed to know is if it is tomorrow, the next day, the following week or the next month.  Expect a call?  When can I expect a call?  If Globe does not train their customer representatives on proper call handling, they do teach them how to evade a question.  Ask them a close-ended question and they will answer with a scripted paragraph when you are only expecting a yes or a no.  If you ask an open-ended question, they panic and give evasive answers.

Out of frustration I went to sleep. I was awakened around 1AM for some reason and when I checked my phone, I see that my wifi is back and I am able to connect to the internet.  In the morning, I received an automated call asking if my connection is back and if so, press 1 to cancel the technician visit.

I thought that my ordeal is over.  But last Friday, when I woke up around 6PM to go to work, my connection is down again.  It has been raining again since Friday until today.  Three days without internet connection is driving me insane.  I called customer service on Saturday morning when I got home from work.  The rep did the customer request of information and checked if there was any outage in the area.  He said everything seemed okay. So we performed the same troubleshooting steps and same resolution – a technician will visit.  Frustrated, I hung up before he can place me on hold to create a job order.  But I was distraught.  I needed an internet connection or I will lose my chance to get concert tickets.  So five minutes later, I found myself calling again.  This time, it was a girl.  She did the customary verification and then imagine my surprise when she said that there is network outage in my area.  I told her I called no less than 10 minutes ago and was told there was no network outage and now there is?  She told me she only tells me what she sees on her screen.  My mind was screaming bullshit.  Then, I told her that only last Sunday, my internet connection was restored between my call at 7pm and when I woke up at 1am.  She said she can only submit a report.  I said that is fine but I wanted my report to be expedited.  She said, in a patronizing voice, that all calls are expedited.  Ugh!  ALL?  I asked her if she even knew what I meant by “expedite” and she answered in a not so pleasant way that she does.  That means I get to be on top of the queue, I reiterated. Then, she went to say that she will create the report and have it expedited.  What shocked me even more was that she went to say thank you for calling Globe.  She did not even give me a job order number like the several times I reported the same issue.  When I said wait and hello, the line was already cut.  This is not the first time Globe customer representative hung up on me.

I wanted to call again and request for a supervisor.  But then I back tracked.  I don’t want to expend another ounce of energy on them.  I have BigBang concert tickets to get and it was far more important.  It was life or death situation.  I need to take action and rant later.  I ended up packing my laptop computer and going to the mall to use their free wifi connection.  And mind you, it was not an easy feat.  The rain was pouring hard and there was a HUGE possibility of my computer getting wet, or me falling through slippery grounds along with my laptop and getting wet.  It was a scary thought.  But I needed to watch that concert by hook or by crook.

So here I am, three days later.  Rainfall is still heavy.  The internet connection – nada. I was going crazy.  So I decided to visit another ISP.  I am returning to SmartBro.  I applied for a new broadband connection.  I like the way they handle their business.  No vague answers.  I didn’t even have to ask.  I was about to, but they gave me all I needed.  The girl said that it will be installed on Tuesday and that the technician will arrive between 10am to 2pm.  She asked me if the time is convenient or she can change it.  When I bought a prepaid USB to temporarily connect to the internet while waiting for the scheduled installation date, she informed me that it is 3.6mbps but it depends on the signal.  It may be slower if used in confined spaces.  I said its fine since it’s only temporary until my new broadband subscription is installed.  She even checked if there are still technician available on Monday.  Unfortunately, there was none but at least she was honest to tell me so and did not give me false hopes.

False hopes – yes.  That is Globe’s line of expertise.  Give vague answers.  Elude your customer’s questions.  Be rude to get rid of irate or impertinent customers.  Hung up on them if you still can’t get rid of them.  And so a few minutes ago, I went to call Globe to cancel my subscription.  I told the account specialist about my concern and said she’d send a technician.  I cut her off and told her no need because I am no longer putting up with them.  She offered to waive one month of my monthly fee but why would I endure the emotional distress they’re causing me for much longer?  No, thanks.  I told her I was supposed to pay my balance today but after what happened, they can expect a delay with my payment because I used it to pay for initial payment with another ISP.  Goodbye, Globe.  Maybe if your customer service was a bit more helpful, I could have stayed.  Your mobile services are somewhat at par with my expectations and I am retaining that if only because the current plan I have with you is convenient. Too bad your broadband and landline services are in the dumpster.