I’m having a last song syndrome with this OST from A Gentleman’s Dignity


Translation:  (CR. pop!gasa)

When the rain falls out the window, the hidden memories drench my heart
The person I thought I forgot rather floats up clearer in my head

* My love, my love, my love that I long for
My love, who I call out as loud as I can but can’t hear me
My love, my love, my love that I miss
Just your name alone cuts me, my painful love, my love

When the darkness comes out the window
The hidden memories light up my heart

* Repeat

The moments we laughed together
The moments we shed tears together
Now I let it go but-

My love, my love, my grateful love
My love, who will remain even if I erase my everything
My love, my love, my precious love
I will cherish you until my breath runs out, my love, my love