Our team, Team Nirvana, kicked off the 2nd quarter of this year with a Movie Trivia Challenge.  We sent out a trivia question every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at exactly 10:45 PM.  The participating teams have 15 minutes to answer the question to earn 5 points.  Team Wonder Girlswon this round.

Our second challenge started in May with Nirvana Says.  Every Monday, Team Nirvana will send a notification to the participants what is required of them to do every Friday.  For the first week, Nirvana Says that everyone should wear something brown.  On the 2nd week, we wanted to show some loyalty and asked them to wear the yellow ____ jacket.  On the 3rd week, we wanted to be a bit playful and required the participants to don a braided ponytail for girls and a spiked hairstyle for boys.  On the 4th and final week, it was all about creativity.  Boys were required to wear a bowtie or necktie, tucked in shirts and glasses. Girls on the other hand were asked to wear a skirt and put on glasses as well.  This challenge went to Team The Corrs.

The last few days of May until June was designated for the never-say-die Attendance Challenge that everybody loves to hate.  A hundred points were automatically assigned to each team for every week.  Deductions will apply if there are unscheduled leaves, tardiness, change shift and overbreaks.  This also went to Team Wonder Girls.

And finally, the Final Team Challenge concluded the 2nd quarter event.  Team Nirvana arranged a Human Board Game.  Each team will have one representative to act as a “marker” on the board game.  They will throw a dice to determine the number of “tiles” they need to move to advance from the starting point to the finish line.  However, before they can move, they will need to either answer a question and/or perform certain tasks.  Some tiles may require them to move forward, go back spaces, earn a free turn or lose a turn and some would have them end back to the starting point.  Teams Wonder Girls, Wolfgang and The Corrs played head to head with this game.  The Corrs eventually came out as the winner for this challenge.

To determine the champion, their overall scores were computed and The Corrs came out on top.  Second place went to Team Wonder Girls and Team Wolfgang was in the last place.

Special awards were also given — Best Attire, Team Player Award and Rapunzel Award. For teams, Popcorn Award was given to Wonder Girls for winning the Movie Trivia Challenge and Gullible Award was given to The Corrs for winning Nirvana Says Challenge.

The best and worst part of this challenge for me, however, was buying the prizes for the winners.  It was the best part because I got to spend time with my friends and teammates scouting the endless stores in Divisoria.  Worst, because it was no easy feat.  We were sleepless from work, tired and hungry.  Our feet almost tore off from our bodies out of exhaustion. But overall, it was a bonding moment like no other and I wouldn’t have it any other way.