Really liked this article as it gave me more insight on my favorite bias, Yonghwa. I cannot not reblog this because I would always want to read this again and again. And doesn’t he look stunning in these photos?



  • Jung Yong Hwa is a leader of four members’ male band, CNBLUE
  • No 1 on the survey that he is expected to be most successful idol member when he debuts as a solo.
  • No 1 for naturally born handsome man recognized by specialist doctors.

Jung Yong Hwa is entitled to the above all.
Although he grabbed no 1 spot in music shows in Korea and has established his popularity somehow in Japan, he is always humble without change same as when he debuted. I smile him when he deals with people around him friendly and comfortably. That is the reason I like him regardless his popularity.

“I have been focusing on work-out and on producing music during my break.”
It’s been a month since I saw him and he became a muscular man. His tanned skin made him sexier.
“I have been working on producing music after ended Ear…

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