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I thought I was immune to the Korean wave spreading not only here in the Philippines, but worldwide.  And then, I listened to CNBLUE and it was simply inevitable.

So there you are.  I am officially a fan of Korean popular music, or more widely known as, K-Pop.  I already loved watching the Koreanovelas since the Taiwanese Meteor Garden debuted in the Philippines.  It was my first fangirling thingy.  The drama series were subbed in English or if shown in our Philippine networks, dubbed in Tagalog.  It was not long after that the music channels were suddenly filled with songs and music videos of Korean singers and actors.

In the beginning, it felt weird to me.  I mean, they’re singing in Korean and sometimes, Japanese language.  How am I supposed to understand the songs?  Then again, I took for granted the fact that music is a universal language.  It transcends language barriers.  The music itself transmitted the feelings and emotions contained in the song.

It was Heartstrings that triggered my interest.  I love romantic comedies.  And I love music!  The combination was lethal. I already liked collecting the soundtracks of the different Koreanovelas I’ve already watched but I never ventured further.  Soon, I found out that the lead actor is actually the leader of a k-pop band named CNBLUE.  Out of sheer curiosity, I listened to their songs.  I was hooked. Who cares if I don’t understand the words?  The melody already caught my attention.  It was love at first sight.

And so here I am, officially a fan girl.  Loving it.  Enjoying it.  It makes me feel young once again.