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For the past several weeks, Ravenclaws and Slytherins have been constantly vying for the number one position in the bid for the House Cup.  Last week, I’ve spent several hours to boost my 145 house points to 260.  But it was a long weekend.  Unfortunately, I had to work on weekdays and I can only brew 3-4 potions in a day.  Yesterday, I was only able to brew 2 potions as my eyes are literally closing in on me.  I’ve been so sleepy at work and would not be surprised if I get reprimanded one of these days for a sloppy work done.

Yesterday, we were still leading by 40 points at least.  Now, however, we’re 5 points behind as of this writing.  It has been a never-ending struggle.  It makes it a lot more fun and challenging, though sometimes, I really wish we can get a good lead where we can’t be outrun just to get some rest.

Anyway, the weekend is here and I will definitely be helping out my house.  I’m gonna be brewing non-stop.  Or at least, until I can no longer move a muscle.  I currently have 290 house points and a potion is currently brewing at 87%.  My target is to reach 400 house points before this weekend comes to end.  I really want to reach at least Top 100.  Not necessarily the Top 20.  But somewhere in Top 100 would make me content.  So right now, I’m at the 700th position.  Still a long way to go. Oooh! I can hear the bell ringing!  My potion should be done!