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The other day, I received a notification on my email that I need to moderate a comment in my other blog site.  Here’s the comment:

Update this manga why are you keeping us waiting. This site is interesting and we are enjoying the naruto update pls don’t stop updating it.

It felt so nice that somewhere out there, someone appreciates your work.  The message was just heartwarming even if it sounded so demanding.  LoL! I have been busy for the past couple of months and it has not been an easy feat.  Especially now that I have been given access to Pottermore, it felt like my life revolves around it.  So, I have to make up some time.  I guess I could update a chapter or two every day until I’ve caught up with the latest manga releases.  Gosh!  I hope I haven’t missed more than a dozen or this is really going to take forever.  I can probably do this while waiting for my potions to brew.

Update (8:11 AM 9/7/2011)

Oh no! I missed 50 chapters already?!! Whew! This is not going to take forever.  Is there any word beyond forever? 😦