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I posed a question to two people – a friend and my best friend – before I told them what house I was sorted in. I asked them, “If you were the Sorting Hat, what house would you place me and why?”

My Friend answered:

“If not Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw.  Hufflepuff because of the qualities of loyalty, dedication and hard work.  Ravenclaw because of intelligence and wit.”

My Bestfriend’s answer:

“Hufflepuff, because you’re so sweet and kind.”

When I told her she was wrong, she texted me back, “Slytherin?”

When I answered that it is still the wrong answer, she texted, “Ravenclaw?”

And I’m like, “Seriously?!”

Glad as I am that I am in Ravenclaw, did no one even consider me in Gryffindor at least?

I honestly don’t know if they’re trying to compliment me or insult me.  *sigh*