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It has been 20 days since I successfully registered on Day 1 of the Quest for the Magical Quill on Pottermore.  And it has been 5 days now since the 1st wave of owls were delivered.  After 4 waves, I still haven’t received my owl, but I’m staying positive.  So, just to while away the time, I’m thinking back to the things I’ve done for Harry Potter.

  • Reserve the upcoming books several months prior to its release.
  • Line up for the Midnight Releases or in my case, wake up at 5am and walk at least a kilometer or two going to the bookstore which will open at 7am especially for that day.  (Unfortunately, we don’t have Midnight Releases and the bookstore happened to be at the very back portion of the mall which is at least a 30 minute walk from the front entrance.  I’m all sweaty by the time I reach the store and find a long line of people already lined up.)
  • Planned a year ahead with my friends for the upcoming movies and reserved tickets weeks prior.
  • Watched the films several times in a row.  A minimum of 3 times and there’s no maximum number of times.  For Deathly Hallows, watched it on IMAX twice aside from the regular cinemas.
  • Buy several Harry Potter shirts (they have different designs and I want them all).
  • Buy the soft bound books even if I already have a hard bound copy.
  • Download e-books and audio books even if I have the hard bound copies.
  • Traveled for 2 hours to meet up with a person I hardly knew in a place I’ve only been once to purchase a Harry Potter action figure.  And freaked out weeks later when Ron lost the potion bottle he was holding. I wanted to cry.
  • Listen to Harry Potter audio books and podcasts while at work on my IPod.
  • Read and re-read the books countless times. Especially when there’s a movie coming up – I had to read them all over again starting from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  (There and back again couldn’t ring more true.)
  • Missed work for a week in the past because I’ve been glued to the Harry Potter video games.  I forgot to eat and sleep.  Literally.  I had to force myself to stop but I still have the DVDs. Hmmm…  Nah!  (Don’t get me into thinking that again.)
  • Made personalized cellphone themes and ring tones.  Plus, I’ve been subscribed to Hedwig’s Theme as a Ringback Tone since 2005.  I’ve never and will never change my number or my network provider if only to retain that.
  • Bought anything that has a Harry Potter insignia on it – notebooks, planners, name tags even if I don’t use them.  I’m literally preserving them.
  • Made a Photoshop portrait of me and Harry – removed Ginny from the picture. LOL!  (But I’m not going to show it to anyone – I’m kinda shy. HAHA!)
  • Reserved a month in advance for the DVD release of the films.
  • Decorate my room with a huge poster of Harry Potter.
  • Decorate my workstation with Harry Potter insignias as well.
  • Create a personalized Harry Potter desktop theme for my laptop.
  • Stayed up all night on July 31st to make sure I wouldn’t miss 12MN BST.  And when the announcement was made, I stayed glued to the computer for at least 8 hours to get to the clue on Day 1.
  • Been online everyday for several hours despite the lack of sleep waiting for Pottermore owls.
  • Rushed home on the dot after work hours to catch up with my PottermoreFamily on Twitter.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done other things over the years I may not remember at this time.  But, I will do anything.  Just say the magic word. 🙂

Also, there are things I would’ve done if it were only possible:

  • Line up for the Midnight Release of the books and get JK Rowling’s signature.
  • Line up for the Midnight Showing of the films.
  • Go to every HP Premier and see Dan, Emma, Rupert and Tom.
  • Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and drown myself in Butterbeer.
  • Visit Leavesden Studio.
  • Might as well migrate to London or Orlando.  (HAHAHA!)
  • Buy myself a wand (but Warner Bros does not ship to the Philippines which really pisses me off – why ever not?).
  • Watch Daniel Radcliffe perform in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
  • Hack into Pottermore to end my suffering. (LOL!) 🙂

And if you’re reading this, what are the craziest things you’ve done or would’ve done for Harry Potter?  Would love to know your thoughts.