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It has been 3 days since the first parliament of owls swooped down our Muggle mails.  There had been a second parliament 16 hours later but alas! I have been watching the horizon for any sign of an incoming owl, but to my despair, it seems that for some reason, they are delayed.

I can only sigh.  And I think my sighs have been deep enough to match the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans.  If those owl posts are further delayed, I think I just might sigh ‘til it reaches the earth’s core.

According to some who is already able to access Pottermore, there has been a lot of server downtimes and system maintenance.  It is possible they are trying to fix those before they let everybody else in.  I don’t know if that is a blessing in disguise but I do hope they fix it soon because time will wait for no one and there are at least 900,000 of us waiting to be let in before October.

I just hope that the Pottermore Insider blog would at least give us some insight.  Maybe not in full details, as they really cannot disclose what is wrong or whatever it is they are trying to fix.  But they should at least give an announcement of some sort to put our minds at ease.  It’s quite frustrating to wake up every day and the first thing you do is check if you’ve finally gotten an email and find that all you’ve got are messages from Facebook or Twitter or some spam mails.  Also frustrating to find myself hurrying to get home from work and find that my 132 unread messages are still 132. I feel my patience slipping slowly by the day.  One of these days, I just might look like this:

If all Pottermore Beta get to look into the Mirror of Erised right now, all we’ll ever see is us holding our Welcome Emails.  And maybe if Hedwig’s alive right now, my Welcome Email would probably be here already.  Give Errol and Pigwidgeon a rest, Pottermore, will you?  Get more owls to deliver our posts.