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The Welcome Emails has finally been delivered.  To a small number of people.  Pottermore Insider Blog says:

We’re excited to announce that early access to Pottermore has begun, so if you’re one of the million people who found The Magical Quill and registered for early access, please read the rest of this Insider post carefully.

The most important thing to know is that we need to stagger entry to the ‘Beta’ (early) version of Pottermore so we can properly collect all the feedback. To begin with, we’ll be inviting a very small number of people onto the website, so you may not receive your Welcome email straight away.

We’ll be sending those Welcome emails out over the coming weeks and, once yours arrives, you’ll be able to log in and start helping us develop the Pottermore experience.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky few.  And when they say small, they meant small.  As of this writing, fellow Pottermore betas who already got an access said there are about 4,000 students already.  To a million, that sure is a small batch.

I hate to admit that I am extremely jealous of those few who are finally able to experience the world of Pottermore.  At the same time, I can’t help but be happy for them – especially as some of those few happened to be my friends.  So, I’m just going to look at the silver lining that at least, the owls are on its way and that soon enough we will all be granted an access.

According to PottermoreFamily feedbacks, some had breezed through the entire book while some took their time and drank in the information and the joy of getting their wands, getting sorted and going through whatever it is that we are currently unable to experience at the moment.  Also, it seemed that it is not the ‘first come, first served’ basis as we all assumed it must be.  A fellow Pottermore Beta has posted a survey for those who already got inside Pottermore and it seems that not everyone came from Day 1 registrants although a majority did come from Day 1 out of 196 who answered the poll.

I am hoping that soon my owl will be here as well and I can join my friends who despite their enjoyment, are expressing their desire that we join them as well.  So, I’m keeping my spirits up and thinking positive thoughts.  And yes, I will still be perched right beside my window, along with a Harry Potter book and some popcorn.  #OwlWatch2011 is not going to rest until we have received our Welcome Emails.