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“We will activate your account between mid-August and the end of September, so keep checking your inbox for our Welcome Email.” – Pottermore

Mid-August can be translated in different ways.  It can be the first day of the 3rd week of August, which is today, August 14th.  (But wait!  It’s Sunday so no posts on Sunday. – HAHA!)  Then it can probably be Monday – August 15th.  But if we’re basing it on the number of days in August, it could be August 16th.  Some were even saying Wednesday, August 17th.  But whatever day it may fall, I’m keeping a faithful watch.  I am as anxious as the rest of the 999,999 confirmed Pottermore BETA testers out there waiting for our owls.

This brings back memories of the time when I was waiting for the Harry Potter books to be released.  Unfortunately, there’s no Midnight Opening from where I came from.  If there was, I would probably be one of the many thousands lining up on midnight.

So now it’s Pottermore’s Welcome Email that me, along with everyone else, is waiting for.  I have my browser set up so that the homepage goes straight to the Pottermore website and another tab for my email. I’d also perch right in front of my twitter account in case some of my PottermoreFamily gets their emails before I do.  Oh! And I should compose a shoutout already so that I can just cut and paste and let them know once I got mine – as I made a promise to some of them. Lastly, I think I should also prepare a comfortable position right beside the window, along with a Harry Potter book and some popcorn (in case I get hungry) and make sure I wouldn’t miss my owl.

If you’re reading this and you happen to be one in a million Pottermore BETA tester, please don’t forget to buzz me or you can tweet it – as recommended by a fellow Pottermore ElmBlade43 – by adding #OwlWatch2011 and/or #buttonwatch so everyone gets notified when you get your letters!