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I’ve had such a bad day at work last night.  It’s true that when it rains, it pours.  I felt like I was in a quicksand.  The harder you try to crawl up, the deeper you get.  I could sure need a bit of Felix Felicis.  Has anybody brewed one up?

Thank goodness for the #pottermorefamily in twitter that I was finally able to get ray of sunshine.  Though I’m tired and sleepy coming from work, I felt my tattered spirits were refreshed.  Glad that I’m one in a million and that I am able to meet these wonderful set of people.  A Welcome Email from Pottermore would also be great and will definitely lift my spirits up.

Now, it’s time to put myself to bed and get some much needed rest.  Tomorrow, it’s another day closer for the owl to deliver my Welcome Email.  And yeah, I’m on leave on Monday and I’m really hoping that mid-August would begin either tomorrow – Sunday, or on Monday, which is the 15th of August.  I’m so excited to get my wand and get sorted.