I’ve been the subject of fun when I was really young and I was really an onion-skinned crybaby back then.  I cry every time I’m bullied.  Eventually, I have learned to fight back – even at the cost of being treated as the bad guy.  There was no one to defend me so I fought back.  I stopped crying and I learned to throw back at them what they threw at me.  It is mostly an exchange of words or insults.  I know that it isn’t the right way to correct those bullies but not even the school authorities can defend me or back me up with stopping those school bullies.  After I learned to fight back, the number of people who poked fun at me diminished greatly.  I thought I’ve escaped them at school after graduating.  I guess I’m wrong.  Even now, at work, there are still those bullies in different forms.  And right now, I am so tired of fighting back, I just want to cry.