Well, it has been six months since I last posted in this blog.  I believe I said back then that I have returned to the BPO industry and that I am actually enjoying my stay.  True enough, I have just been regularized last June 4, 2011.  And I am enjoying my current work. My teammates were really nice as well and I get along with them quite well… except maybe for one.  Though I have been trying to keep my patience with him.

There are some uncertainties though.  Now that I am here, I would very much like to climb the corporate ladder.  My life had been missing some direction and even now, I am uncertain on how to move forward.  I don’t know if I am ready and I am scared.  There are times that my insecurities still get the better of me.  I need help determining what I really want.  You may say that I should have known it all along but I have been trying to sort myself out to no avail.

Where am I going?