I tried.  Fate, however, has other plans for me.  I guess fate gave me an opportunity to try other things to help me decide for myself what I really wanted.  It was inevitable.  I am not that confident yet to say for certain that it is destiny.  But they say that the third time’s the charm.  The third time you try to do something, it will work.  This time around, I am not going to leave it to fate, though.

So here I am back in the BPO industry.  And loving it.  I am excited to proceed to process training and start with the actual work.  My new teammates seem to be really nice.  What is nicer about that is that they started only a few months ago as well.  It won’t be like the last time that the team has been together for quite some time and you could not determine whether they accept you in the team or not.  It was like treading on a thin piece of line.  This time, we met them earlier and were welcomed warmly.  Which is a good start.  Or maybe I have changed as well.  I guess, through experience, I have managed to learn how to adapt with different people and different situations and not to be too shy or too sensitive.  I guess now I know not to judge people’s action and attitude based on first impression.

Well, I can’t wait.  I’m feeling quite positive this time around.