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I know there are a lot of people comparing the two films and the books.  I have read and watched both series and somehow, I feel it is a bit unfair to compare the two.

There is an article I have read entitled, 5 Reasons We Love Harry Potter More Than Twilight. I agree with the points it presented why some of us do love Harry Potter more than Twilight. However, they’re two different films with different mass appeal.

The first item in those 5 reasons is that Harry Potter has a better universe.  True.  And that’s just it.  They’re two completely different worlds, so why compare them in the first place.

The second is better villain.  Makes sense.  Voldemort will definitely top the ranks as compared to the Volturri who did nothing but talk. There was no action at all.

Third point presented is a healthier attitude towards sex.  From this I agree with what Steven Spielberg said before about Twilight, that it just sort of presented the feelings usually suppressed by women towards the opposite sex.  Harry Potter’s courtship and awkwardness felt more realistic.

The fifth point is that Harry Potter lasted longer.  Yes, though I don’t think it has anything to do with the time frame.  If it’s a good read, whether it was written in years or just in a few months, nobody will argue.  However, with Harry Potter, we all grew up with him.  He literally transformed right before our eyes and we felt his sentiments.  We can relate more to his human sentiments and mortal feelings about pain, death, love and friendship rather than the coldness of the vampires.  (So sorry, Edward.)

I like the Twilight Saga but I’m not gaga over it like I am with Harry Potter.  I’m a Harry Potter fan through and through.

After the second film, New Moon, my interest in the Twilight Saga has waned.  I love the characters in the books… but I don’t like the actors playing in the films.  Robert Pattinson looks kinda gay to me, even when he was playing Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Jacob is only interesting because of his looks and then there’s nothing more.  When I remember The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, he didn’t even look good in that film.  I still see him that way despite his makeover and all.  I think the only character I liked in the films is Alice Cullen. Besides, I like Anne Rice’s  vampires Lestat and Louis far better than Edward.

I will be watching Eclipse tomorrow with my best friend because I already watched Twilight and New Moon and I’d like to know how they’re gonna present Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  But honestly, I’m looking forward more to seeing the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer before the film begins.  And I’ve just had a Harry Potter marathon last night.  No matter how many times I’ve read and re-read the Harry Potter books and watched the films over and over, I just never get tired of it.  In fact, I enjoy re-reading them over and over.  There’s always something new I discover in the books when I read them again.  Minor things that play a significant part in the succeeding events as the story unfolds.  And I just love rediscovering them.

For some reason, I never looked back to the Twilight Saga after I read them the first time.  I wished I didn’t watch the Twilight film in the first place.  But it’s far too late.  Now, I couldn’t picture Edward without imagining Robert Pattinson.  And that’s just eeeww. (So sorry to the Pattinson fans…)   It took awhile for me to remove the picture of Tom Cruise as Lestat and replace it with Stuart Townsend.   Hopefully, one day, once the films are over, I can remove Robert Pattinson’s image from my head and replace it with the Edward I’ve always imagined in the books.