I was reading some articles I wrote back in highschool and college.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I actually sat down and wrote something down.  I miss it.  Sometimes, I remember telling myself during these past of couple of years that I will give time to writing.  But life got so busy, I never did get into it.  I still write sometimes, in my blog, once in a while, but nothing that really mattered.

When did I stop writing?  When someone asks me if I still write, I always tell them that I do.  Somehow, I could not bring myself to tell them the truth because I myself, haven’t been honest to myself.  I knew exactly when I stopped.  That is why there is a manuscript that I’ve been staring at and trying to finish for more than ten years now.  No matter how much my bestfriend prompts me to finish the story, somehow, I couldn’t.  In my head, I know the exactly how the story goes but I couldn’t put it into words anymore.

I have just resigned from my work in the call center industry.  And I intend to take a break for a while.  It’s not going to be easy since there will be bills to pay.  This time, I will really try and focus.  I need to think back and reassess my life. Maybe a little soul searching can help bring me out of my stupor.   I need to remember how it felt like to write something down.  I miss that feeling of fulfillment.