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I finally watched Alice in Wonderland the other day with my best friend, Lizzie.  And it was wonderful!

It is not the typical Alice in Wonderland story.  It is more of a continuation of Alice from the books.  This time, she’s all grown up and she’s forgotten about Wonderland.  It was a story of self discovery.

And Johnny Depp, as always, is amazing!  He’s charmingly mad! Imagine a boy whose candy was stolen… that is how he looked like when Alice said she had to leave Wonderland and return back to her world.  And his Futterwacker dance!!!  It’s classic!!  He definitely stole the limelight from Alice.

I want to watch it over and over and over and over if I could.

Mia Wasikowska as Alice was also good.  She definitely brought a much different Alice and it was a good thing she’s not that famous or else the fame would have overshadowed the character.  She was just Alice to me.  She was perfect and just as I imagined her.

Anne Hathaway is also good.  The White Queen suits her.  I loved the way they emphasized the Red Queen’s head… and the soldiers!!!  Hahaha!  And Tweedledum and Tweedledee!  They’re such a laughtrip!