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A movie starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.  Beth (Bell) goes to Italy to attend her sister’s wedding.  She meets Nick (Duhamel) at the wedding and falls in love with him.  Unfortunately, she sees him with another girl.  Out of frustration, she picks up some coins at the Trevi Fountain daring the statue that she’s gonna save from frustration those people who threw their coins and wished for love.

However, when she picked up the coins, it actually cast a love spell on the men who threw down their coins – which for some reason, all were men.  Surprising she didn’t pick up a coin thrown by a woman.  Anyway, the spell was cast and they all follow her to New York and profess their undying love to her.  She finds out from her sister’s husband what happened when she picked up those coins and that the only way to reverse the spell is to go back to Italy and throw the coins back into the fountain or she could give the coins back to the owners.

Now, one of the coins she threw is a poker chip which apparently belongs to Nick.  She returns the coin to him but he says he’s still in love with her.  Beth realizes that it is the real thing then.  They finally get to marry back in Italy where they first met.  However, one of the guys who were in the spell was a street magician and she gives Beth back a poker chip which was the real poker chip she picked up.  She runs away from her wedding and back into the Trevi Fountain.  Nick follows her and asks why she keeps returning his poker chips to him.  Beth explains and finds out from Nick that he never threw any coins or any poker chip into the fountain.  And so, a happy ending.  Nick throws the poker chip back into the fountain and guess who owned the chip?  The priest who is supposed to marry them.  That is why he seemed devastated that they were to be married.  And I thought he was really gay and wanted Nick for himself.  Hahaha!

It was a funny movie and I’ve been laughing off my seat.  I love it… It’s a nice film that you can watch when you’re feeling down.