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My bestfriend and I met today to get our tickets from Jay to watch Rent in Manila on Feb 28th.  We got tickets to the closing night, front row and center.  And we are both so excited!  I loved this play!  I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched it on DVD — both the movie and the one filmed on Broadway.  I even sing through the songs as I watch it over and over.

I know I’d never get to watch it on Broadway so when I heard about an ongoing audition for Rent here in Manila, I could not believe it.  Not until the play date was announced that I finally realized it is true and that I would finally get the chance to watch it onstage.

Back in December, I’ve been planning it with Angel and even suggested it to Lizzie.  Due to the holiday season and being busy at work, I almost forgot the whole thing.  Until last week, Angel reminded me.  I checked the sites online and it seemed the tickets are almost already gone.  I called Ticketworld and they could not give me seats that are seated together.  They suggested I call 9works Theatrical directly which I did.  When I spoke to Jay, he initially asked me to call back at a later time because they are at the rehearsals.  I was already in panic mode, blaming myself for forgetting about reserving tickets at an earlier time.  I called Lizzie then but was disappointed that her girlfriend already gave her tickets for the Feb 13 show.  They’d be watching it even if we planned to watch it together, all four of us.  When I called Jay back, however, my disappointment vanished.  He said he could give me seats on the last play date, on closing night.  Front row and center.  And he did.  Angel and I picked up the tickets earlier, rather, yesterday — since it’s already in the wee hours of the morning ‘coz I could not sleep.  I can’t wait for February 28th.  My vacation leave is already approved.  I am so happy!