after waiting for so many months and after one crazy month of july, i have finally moved from my mother’s house to my own place.  well, not really my own house but as long as my ninang is in italy, i can call this place my home.  i finally moved out of my mother’s house.

so, here i am.  right now, i’m learning the ropes of being independent.  after staying at the condominium for a week before moving here, i can already say that it’s not going to be easy.  but so far, no matter how many hardships i’ve been having for this month, i am enjoying it.  the good and the bad.  i love the freedom and the independence.  it’s so scary and thrilling at the same time, like being in a roller coaster ride.

it’s the start of my new life. and i really gotta learn how to cook.  🙂