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Watched Fast and Furious 4 last Sunday night.  And I sooo love it!  I’m so glad that the original characters are back, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, in particular.  I loved the original movie.  Although the second installment was also good, only Paul Walker was there.  Vin Diesel wasn’t there and it felt as if something was missing.  His presence creates such an impact that Paul Walker cannot fill in.  But I’m not saying I don’t like Paul Walker because I like him better, but I have to admit, Vin has this stage presence that creates a certain impact – in any movie.  Plus, admittedly, he’s way better looking.  Anyway, the third film, neither was in the film and they were greatly missed.  Vin did a cameo role in the end and I think, they got the message that it’s Vin and Paul that the audience wants.  I don’t like the 3rd film but I love the drifting techniques of the drivers.  Totally awesome.

But this installment is the best so far because it’s like continuing from where we left off in the first movie.  It’s sad though that Letty was murdered.  But when Vin Diesel was describing who Letty was, it was so darn sweet.  It’s like “omigosh,” that is wow!  He described her as 20% angel and 80% devil, who looks you straight in the eye and can see past the bullshit but sees the good in you.  Something like that.  It was really sweet.  Then, the stunts and the driving are way even better as well.  The cars… still awesome!

I’m gonna give this one a top 10 score.