My schedule changed from 12mn-8am to 2pm-11pm last monday.  It’s already our nesting period, so we started taking in calls.  It’s pretty exhausting especially since we’re still trying to get familiarized with the tools and processes and in my case, additional troubleshooting knowlegde. Aside from that, it’s kinda hard to get a restful sleep.  Yeah, I can sleep 6-8 hours but it felt as if I didn’t sleep at all.

Our wave was divided into two, some were in the morning shift and us in the mid-shift.  I think I am more suitable to get along with fewer people as I’ve had no problem getting along with my group now.  As compared when we were all together, it felt like I have my own little world and I felt so alone. I am also glad that four of us are from Las Pinas so we can go home together since it’s almost midnight and it’s not that easy to go home at that time.  At least, I feel safe if we’re a group.  Plus, we get to have the same trainer and our ASG is pretty okay.  We’re all hoping we’d get the same ASG when we get (if we get) to production.