Impulsive, according to American Dictionary, means being inclined to act on impulse rather than thought.  Impulsiveness being the trait of acting suddenly on impulse without reflection.

I hate this certain trait of mine.  It has placed in several situations I could not get out of or at least talk my way out.  In the end, I end up being miserable.  For example, my impulsiveness led me to a certain situation where I was humbled and humiliated.  Then I resigned from a previous job where the account is so easy and my co-workers are so easy to get along with, fun to be with and comfortable to be with.  Then, I turned down a job offer from a company I would have been more comfortable with than with the company I am with right now. Probably with better pay even if the account is harder and more challenging.

So here I am, having regrets.  The account is harder than I expected.  The salary is lower than I expected.  The people I work with are not exactly that easy to get along with, either. I feel as if I had to tread carefully when I’m with them.  But I chose it out of impulse.  I chose it because I thought I liked the account better. So now, I have to bear with it and live with it.