I went to work last night wearing a newly bought shoes, and I’ve experienced such excruciating pain the whole night.  As soon as I left, I already felt how tight it is.  I decided to remove the socks, thinking it might be the cause of my inconvenience.  However, since it is a new shoes, the back portion caused wounds on my uncle, which added more to the pain.  I called home to ask my mother to probably bring me some slippers in the morning but she’s no longer answering the phone.  Thankfully, my bestfriend lives nearby, I called her and asked her a HUGE favor of bringing me comfortable slippers in the morning after my shift because I doubt I’ll ever survive getting home.

Ugh!  Don’t you just hate new shoes?  One of the trainers who saw me limping said it’s the price of beauty or something.  I’d rather be comfortable and un-pretty than be beautiful but in so much pain.  I’d choose comfort anytime.  It’s a lesson learned indeed.