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My bestfriend Angel and I met today at SM Bacoor. I went there to get my ATM Card and so we decided to meet as well. We watched the movie U Changed My Life starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. Yeah, I know what some people’s reaction will be, but I watched their first film I liked it. Plus, it’s a feel good movie. Right now, I needed feel good movies. Besides, didn’t Francis M promoted our being Filipinos, anyway? It was nice, too. A bit stereotype but it still made me and Angel laugh on some funny scenes. It does have some lessons especially for people with partners. That it’s not a bad thing to be in love, but our lives should just not revolve that person too much that we tend to lose ourselves in the process. There should be a balance. That we should also not measure if we love more or if we are being loved more. It literally removed all the stress I accumulated at work the past week.

Anyway, I did have fun and now, it’s gonna be another rigorous week of training. Back to graveyard shift, coffee deluge, stress and all that. Back to reality.