here i am again, blogging about nothing.  i just came home from work and i feel so tired and sleepy.  but it’s “naruto day” so i’m not sleeping yet.  i’ve already watched episode 99 of the anime and still waiting for the manga chapter 438.

naruto is like a drug, really.  at least it helps me de-stress.  my work now is a bit stressful.  i’m still in training but the pressure is higher.  before, i used to troubleshoot ISPs only.  now, i’m gonna be troubleshooting HP Notebooks which will mostly deal with hardware and the software bundled with it.  we have daily assessments, minor and major.  i’m a bit scared to handle hardware troubleshooting but the reason i chose this over the offer from HSBC is the challenge.  besides, i’m really more into computers than in collections or customer service.  i doubt i have the patience plus i lack the skills in sales.  although, this support with HP will also have sales.  but unlike Sprint where sales is a huge part of the metric, the sales target here is very minimal so i guess i can handle that.  but right now, i want to concentrate on learning the troubleshooting part because i myself own an HP Notebook.

i’m also busy with reading A Man Named Dave, as i’ve mentioned the last time.  it’s really a challenge for me to read slowly.  i mean, if it’s just me, i could have finished it the day i started it but i had to restrain myself and limit myself to a chapter a day.  although the language and tone of voice used by the author is simple and very conversational, it still is a bit heavy.  whenever i read it, i feel a heavy ache in my chest.  i can’t believe that the author let his mother abuse him.  i can’t imagine the things he and his brothers went through.  however, i could not appreciate the book itself because he sounds as if he’s justifying himself, although he did mention it was never his intention.  sometimes, i think he is more convincing himself that he is over it. i know sometimes we can be angry over our loved ones, but i don’t think even if we were battered and abused, we would think nasty things towards them. i dunno.  i guess i have to finish the book and let the author justify those thoughts to me.  somehow i am not that convinced of his pain, but i’ll wait till the last page to finalize my thoughts in this book.