yes, i’m working again.  i guess i am not able to fulfill my new year’s resolution of avoiding call centers again.  well, i’m pretty much in a hurry to get a new job because my ninang’s house is almost done.  it should be completed in late april or early may and i will be moving in as soon as construction is over.  i need to be financially stable (at least, somehow) by that time.  i don’t want to be asking ninang to pay the bills as well while i’m living there without paying rent.  that’s just too much.

my current shift now is from 12mn to 8am, mondays to fridays while i’m still in training.  i’ve met new friends.  as to the sleeping arrangement, i guess my body clock doesn’t need any more adjusting because even during those times that i’m unemployed, i still sleep in the wee hours of the morning.  i guess my body clock hasn’t changed that much so it’s not really much trouble adjusting.  i’ll be starting the product training this monday. 

also, my friends and i have started a book club.  we’ll start this march 1st, and speaking of which, it’s almost midnight and it’ll be march already.  our first book is “A Man Named Dave.”  we decided we’ll meet again at the end of march to discuss the book.  i’m excited because we’re finally gonna be able to start our book club.  we named our club “Inkheart” since all of us are bookaholics anyway.