I so hate Globe right now.  In fact, the sole reason I’m still keeping their sim card as of this moment is because I’m waiting for some very important phone calls.  Once I no longer need their service, I am discarding their sim from my phone and I am switching to another network. 

Jan 19, I loaded P250 from my BPI Account over the ATM.  So I had a total of P323 on my load.  The following day, Tuesday, I made one phone call which left me with P319 pesos.  Since I’ve got some extra load, I decided to visit their wap site and I tried to download a game, DJ Mix Tour.  It was downloading failed.  Then, when I checked my balance, I only have P19 load.  I lost P300 in a blink of an eye.

I called their customer service hotline.  I explained my situation.  I was cut off twice so I had to call back twice more.  Every time, I had to explain to their agents from the beginning as if they didn’t have notes from my previous calls.  At the third call, the agent said they’re going to file a report and the matter will be investigated by their team, and the turnaround time is 3-5 business days.  It didn’t sit well with me, but I said fine, I’ll wait for 3-5 business days. 

Two days later, Jan 22 I called again just to make sure that someone is working on it.  I called again on Sunday, the 25th.  Said everything is okay and it’s being worked on.  I said fine and I asked when the expected date of resolution is.  They said Tuesday.  So, on Tuesday, the 27th I called because I haven’t received any feedback yet or the credit I’m expecting.  They said that the report submitted back on the 20th was incomplete and therefore, was rejected by their investigating team!  Duh?  Haven’t I been calling on the 22nd and the 25th for follow-up for them not to see that everything was not in place?  They apologized and said they will re-submit my concern and it’s going to take another 3-5 working days.  They don’t expedite processes, can you believe that?  They said as agents, they do not have the capacity to request my concern to be prioritized.  I guess they shouldn’t have call center agents and customer service department if they don’t have the power to help their customers, right?  But wait, I remember.  I’m only a prepaid customer and I am not paying for their service post-paid.  I’m not important enough. Even though I’ve been using their service for the past 10 years.  Of course. 

So, alright, I said, 3-5 business days again.  I called on the 30th just to be sure.  Again, the agent said my concern should be resolved on February 3.  I called again on February 3rd and guess what they told me, my report was resubmitted on the 30th and not on the 27th as it was promised.  By this time, I am pissed beyond imagination and I asked for a supervisor.  Guess what, my phone call was disconnected while I was on hold waiting for a supervisor.  I called again and the agent told me that her supervisor is currently on a call and will call me back.  She asked what time would be convenient for me and I told her I’m free the whole day.  I did not get a call back.  Yesterday, I called again.  I told the rep that I did not receive a follow up from their supervisor and I was placed on hold again and poof!  Busy tone again.  Tried again, same thing happened.  I tried again today and I always get disconnected. 

I am done calling them.  I already look pathetic begging for a lousy P250 load back.  I am not buying any more load for my Globe number and the remaining amount I have will be the last of my business with them.  Because as soon as I’m finished waiting for some phone calls I’m expecting on my current number, I am switching to a different network.