After Church today, my parents and I went to Alabang Home Depot to canvass doors and windows for my Ninang’s house that is being constructed.  Since I will live there once the construction is over, I’m trying to give out my opinions on what I would like the house to look like at least.  I’m trying to contribute some ideas since it’s gonna be my house anyway. But everytime, my mother would just brush me off.  My opinion, as it is apparent, does not even count.  It’s just so frustrating.  Why bother to ask me if in the first place if she’s already made up her mind.  If she’s not even going to consider my input.  A lot of people told me to speak up to her.  I did.  I have been doing so practically all my life, but she’s just so damn frustrating!  The other day, my cousin was trying to argue a point with her and they ended up in a shouting match.  I felt bad for my cousin because nobody wins against my mother.  She just never listen.  Then when she’s angry, she’s gonna demand what your problem is and when you tell her, she completely misses the point.  Instead, she takes your word into a whole different meaning.  What’s up with that?  I can’t wait to move out.