Yup!  I’m a bit exhausted but I’m happy.  I’ve been trying to finish my Naruto blog for a couple of days already.  I thought I’m not gonna be able to finish it on time.  But I just finished now and I just love looking at it.  My deadline is today and thank goodness I met my own deadline because a new manga chapter is coming out tomorrow. 

The reason I was afraid I’m not gonna meet my deadline is because I had an interview yesterday and this morning, actually.  So far, my interview went fine yesterday and I’m gonna go back there tomorrow because my recruiter wanted me to take an additional exam because she’s considering me for another position that I never thought I’d be qualified for.  So, that’s gonna be tomorrow afternoon and I’m praying that I get to pass that.  It’s gonna be a whole new experience and I must admit, a bit excited.  Usually, I’m worrying already but my bestfriend insisted that I own it.  Yeah, she reminded me, that disappointments are a part of our daily lives, but I still have to think positive. So, that’s what I’m doing.  Thinking positive.

After my interview yesterday, I met with Sugar and Angel in MOA.  I missed them, though Sugar and I met back in December.  I haven’t seen Gelai since last November, I think.  Plus, I was a little pissed at Angel over the last time I wanted to meet with her so I wanted to bitch around a little.  But only for a while.  I just missed her a lot.

As for my interview this morning… well, it did went well.  It’s a dayshift position.  Only problem is, the pay is minimum wage, it’s not even half of what I used to get.  So, I guess that one is out of the question.  But the manager was so nice, really.  It’s one of those people you’d like to sit down and talk to.  If ever I want to make travel arrangements in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate going to their office.

After I got home after my morning interview, I tried to finish my Naruto blog.  It’s updated and current and I’m excited to find out tomorrow what will Naruto do now that he’s no longer in Sage Mode.  I found a spoiler but I didn’t delve into it because I don’t want to spoil my own fun.  He-he.